GIB Crypto
Phishing prevention, ICO protection and security consulting for blockchain startups
GIB Crypto
Phishing prevention, ICO protection and security consulting
for blockchain startups
Group-IB protects blockchain companies, their clients and investors from phishing attacks, data breaches and thefts.

We leverage a world-class cyber threat intelligence, state-of-the-art technologies and advanced response capabilities to minimise your cyber security risks – in real time.

Intelligence-driven phishing detection and response
Slack / Telegram Phishing Bot
24/7/365 Phishing Response
Ultra fast filtering of phishing links in your Slack and Telegram channels
Fast detection and takedown of phishing websites
on 2500+ top-level domains
Instant response and rapid takedown of fraudulent websites
Takedown of fraudulent Google.Ads and fake social media accounts using your brand
Flexible settings and custom whitelists for smart pre-moderation
Manual link check to ensure no accidental blockage of legal content
How are we different?
Intelligence-driven detection
Extensive response experience
GIB Threat Intelligence detects 200,000+ phishing links a month. We see the whole criminal infrastructure of the phishing attack and track down the fraudsters behind it. We know when different attacks have one mastermind.

This not only empowers a more targeted and effective response, but allows us to track criminals' activities across the web and darknet, and take preemptive measures.

Group-IB's computer security incident response team (CERT-GIB) leads the way in security event and incident management, being the first such team in Eastern Europe and providing round-the-clock assistance.

We work closely with domain registars and hosting providers all over the world to ensure fast takedown of fraudulent websites – wherever they are located.

Threat Intelligence data used by Group-IB specialists to provide this service is ranked among the best threat intelligence services in the world by Gartner (2015), IDC (2016), and Forrester (2017)
CERT-GIB is a member of CERT associations FIRST and Trusted Introducer, and is a partner of the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT)
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Security Consulting & ICO Protection
Security Assessment
Penetration testing, Black Box and Grey Box audits, red teaming, source code review
Web Application Protection
Powerful Anti-DDoS and Web Application Firewall
User Authentication and Fraud Prevention
Authentication of legitimate users with precision close to that of fingerprint recognition, clientless detection of remote access and malicious activity on a user's device
Network Security
Intelligence-driven, AI-powered threat detection with 24/7/365 managed log analysis and incident response
Op Sec Training
Intensive training for your team: a clear security check list, along with do's and don'ts for accounts, networks and devices usage

24/7 ICO Protection
Comprehensive round-the-clock security protection during the Initial Coin Offering
Blackmoon Crypto, a one-stop solution for asset managers to create and manage tokenized funds, successfully secured $30,000,000 in ICO with a comprehensive cyber risk management program and phishing protection from Group-IB.

Official EUROPOL and INTERPOL partner
throughout the world, including 150 high-profile cases. Each investigation is unique experience that involves detection of hidden attack traces in the IT infrastructure
Why Group-IB
We saw hundreds of attacks from client's side and know which security solutions fail and why
have been missed by TDS sensors over the years of operation in hundreds of organizations worldwide
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